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Tiger Trophy

This gallery displays recent winners of the monthly competition on our 'Pick of the Week' group on Flickr, as voted for by fellow members. The winning photographer is awarded the glittering "Tiger Trophy" and selects the next month's theme.   

Our theme for April is "Back Lighting"

To ask for an invitation to join the group,  click here.  You are restricted to posting 5 images a week  Any of the images can be on the monthly competition theme - just add it into your title. Please amend title rather than description so it's visible when hovering over your image on the gallery page.

Recent winners

March's winner was Hilary Barton's beautiful macro image  Moss in Flower under the theme "Shallow Depth of Field."
In January and February, we used the group page to share and comment on images that Members might put forward for our "Hands Across the Sea" competition.

For December the theme was "Kind of Blue".  Society Webmaster John Murray's beautiful blurred image of birds in motion - Flock - secured the most votes from other members.  

In November, under the theme "Unity and Togetherness". Alan Larsen's fantastic shot of a tightly knit shoal of fish on a reef Let's Stick Together was the winning image.

In October, we voted for new images for our social media banners.  Over the next few months we will rotate the winning images on our website and on our facebook and twitter pages as well as our Flickr group.

Richard Eyers Legs and Shadows won the September theme of "Crowds."

Rob Wilkinson's cropped shot of a multistorey car park in Milton Keynes scored highest under August's theme, "Something Commonplace"

July's theme was "Something Extraordinary" and Margaret Marks's picture of two squabbling jay chicks gained the most votes from other members.

Natalie Robinson's dramatic image from a construction site, "Hanging against the light," won June's theme, "Hanging".

May's theme was "A View From a Window" and the runaway winner was Dennis Law's picture of his window cleaner.  

'Pick of the Week' Tiger Trophy winners


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