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Camera Club of the Year 2015

We were delighted and very proud to have been placed joint 25th out of 55 clubs across the UK in Camera Club of the Year 2015, run by Photography News.  

The competition was 5 rounds of 5 images, each with set theme, with each image scored out of 20 by the judges.  We were awarded a total of 392 points, with only 25 points separating us from the winner. 

Our top scorers were
  Alan Ainsworth (Weather and Trees rounds)
  Greg Lambert (Close Up)
  Caroline Preece (Weather)

This page shows the 5 images selected to represent us in each round of the competition.  

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted images, making the task of selecting quite difficult at times.  We hope everyone has enjoyed taking part and had some fun with shooting new images to fit the brief.  Well done to the photographers who made the cut in each round.   

Round 5 - TREES

Photography News says:

'the challenge is how you can produce something creative and eye-catchingly different.....  Getting in close and looking for detail can pay dividends,  but the challenge will be looking for visually arresting images that are original and brilliantly observed....  You might prefer to take a step back and consider a tree in its entirety, showing its environment".

Our final five are by Alan Ainsworth, Greg Lambert, Hilary Barton, Terry Fallis and Susi Luard:

Round 4 - TRAVEL

"Any pictures taken .... at destination reached by a journey from your house, so images taken a few miles from home are eligible as are those from the other side of the world.  But .... the pictures need to capture the essence of the place"  

Our five entries were chose for a combination of technical excellence, and conveying a sense of the place (or what it's like to be there) or for saying something different and unusual about it.  Images by Des Hill, Susi Luard, Caroline Preece, Hilary Barton and Greg Lambert:

Round 3 - CLOSE UP

"Close up" means not only macro photography but also the minimum focus distance of non-macro lenses.  Strong composition is key, and emphasis on colour, texture and contrast. Crop in tight and exclude the unnecessary - less is definitely more in this round!

UPDATE - this was a really tough one.  Apart from one or two front runners, it was hard to find consensus on the five.  But here they are; by Greg Lambert, Caroline Preece, John Murray, Jean Jameson, Greg Lambert and Sue Judd.  Thank you everybody who entered images.

Round 2 - WEATHER

Photography News says "Shooting when it's dry and sunny is all very well but it's not very challenging and the results can look benign.  For Round 2 we want mood and lots of it, so get geared up for the cold and wet!".

Thank you to everybody who submitted an image here.  It was hard to choose from so many very strong images.  Our 5 entries are by Caroline, Alan, Natalie, Richard and Darren - thank you and well done.

Round 1 - WATER

The judges had a difficult time choosing 5 entries, but here they are.  Congratulations to Bill, Brian, Caroline, Julie and Natalie.  Thank you to everyone who entered!


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