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Tuesday, January 15, 2019: Happy New Year
By Jean Jameson
Posted on 1/17/2019 11:53 AM
Welcome back! We were delighted to see so many of our enthusiastic members at this, the first meeting of 2019 after a longer than usual break, due to the vagaries of the calendar. At a time of political uncertainty and stress, it was soothing to spend several hours looking at images, being tempted to buy other people's unwanted gear, and thinking about photographic aims and good intentions for the coming year. We also celebrated the new year and our decisive victory in the Hands Across the Sea competition with our friends in the Camera Club of Hendersonville, North Carolina, with wine, nibbles and dips.

The bring and buy sale raised nearly £200 for the society's funds, so many thanks to members who donated or/and bought items for the table. The Pop-up gallery was popular, with many members bringing a print to display. Several prints earned more votes than could easily fit on the peg and at the end of the evening, the authors talked about the why, where and how the image was made. 
In the second half of the evening, we heard from those members who had brought a few images to illustrate their intentions for taking their photography in particular directions. Jean Jameson intends to try harder when entering competitions and showed the dire results of putting a baby in a light tent without due preparation.  Hilary Barton showed how inspirational agood course can be in encouraging experimentation with in-camera effects and John Murray is intending to extend his calm, still approach whilst maximising the use of a new lens. Susi will continue using her phone and camera out and about as often as she can.Thanks to everyone for their contributions to the  discussion.

Congratulations to Hilary and Rob Wilkinson as joint winners of the prestigious Tiger Trophy with their Winter Light pictures in the Flickr Pick of the Week competition.  The theme chosen for January is 'texture', so good luck with that.

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