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We won 2018 Hands Across the Sea Competition!

Hilary Barton  | Published on 12/16/2018
All our entries, their scores, and the judge's comments on the winners and runners-up are on the HATS competition page:

'Hands Across The Sea' 2018

Thanks to everyone who submitted images for our selection and to Susi Luard and Hilary Barton for making the final choices for our winning entry.

It is interesting to note that the American judge was much tougher with his marking than our usual Society competition judges.  He awarded 500 marks out of a total possible 800 marks, i.e. an average of 12.5 out of 20 per image.  The winning image in three of the categories scored 17, while the winning image in the fourth category only scored 16.  6 images out of 40 only scored 8.  Please bear this in mind when looking at the image scores!

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